About Us

Who are we?

Ana Paula Pante was born in Brazil in 1982 .Her parents are Brazilian of Italian descendent .She does have in her veins the Italian blood which is well known for its fantastic sense of creation and design. The passion for fashion comes from her childhood, when she was a teenager she made her own clothing. In her early twenties she decided to leave her family to pursue her dream. Studying fashion in Milan gave her the opportunity to transform a dream into a reality.

After graduation she worked for a long period with a renowned company in Como – Italy. Which brought her a valuable knowledge about Silk, precious cashmere and natural fine fabrics.

Afterwards, in love with natural fine fabrics, she then started to work for a strictly Knitwear company where she was able to put her design skills into practice.

Fascinated by the quality and creativity of the Made in Italy fabrics, also the details of fine embroidery that enhance the femininity of her creations she decided to have her own Brand. In partnership with her childhood friend Rosana Queiroz, also Brazilian, born in 1981, who lives in London. Rosana Queiroz is an Entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience in International business.

Together they want to mix knowledge and creativity. Introducing new concepts and ideas into the amazing world of fashion.


Our aim is to use the best of fabric in our collections, building a tradition to our personal concept of the importance of quality fabric in order to achieve an exceptional garment. We use only the highest quality Italian cloth, and our raw materials are natural fine fabrics such as silk, cashmere, real leather, fur and other luxury accessories.

Our commitment to our clients is always deliver the best sewing, paying attention to the smallest details ensuring our complete customer satisfaction.