Dresses To Impress...

Dresses to Impress -

Dresses To Impress...

Did you know?

"In the 11th century, women in Europe wore dresses that were similar to men's tunics and were loose, with a hemline reaching to below the knees or lower. By the end of the century, these dresses featured a tighter fit on the arms and women's upper bodies. Dresses were made snug by featuring slits on the sides of the dress that were pulled tight in order to fit a woman's figure."

And since we have come a long way...

Freshen up your wardrobe this season, by discovering the latests dresses at PANTE! Our multi brand boutique has simply stylish looks for all tastes.  

With standout styles for day or night, find your favourite dresses online or visit our boutique and personally check out our selection.

Smart Casual

 Day or Night


Stylishly Smart



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Visit our boutique: PANTE, 666 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, SW6 5RX


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