Ania Haie at PANTE

Ania Haie at PANTE -

Ania Haie at PANTE

New Jewellery Collection Alert

PANTE has welcomed Ania Haie, the dainty and trendy jewellery pieces that are fashionable and affordable to wear.

Ania Haie is a London based jewellery brand offering a beautiful collection of refined sterling silver jewellery, that is designed to be layered, stacked and worn multiple ways.





While these pieces are great for layering and mix & matching, they also look great on their own. Each piece is accessible, on-trend and always effortlessly chic.




Their collection allows you to create your own look and make it personal and unique. 




Whether you want to go subtle and only wear one necklace at a time, or go crazy stacking high with a few rings, Ania Haie will have what you are looking for to complement your personal sense of style because we offer the latest designs you want to wear...every day AND every night.  


And this amazing collection is now available at PANTE online and at our boutique!


*Free UK Delivery on all items*


Visit our boutique: PANTE, 666 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, SW6 5RX

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